Sheep on Waskerly Moor lino print


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On a windy yet sunny day in August 2011, I went for a walk along the nearby Waskerley Moor, and said hello to this young lady. She posed quite happily for me to take a few photos of her, and I was so taken by her, I decided to carve a lino print of her.

This is an original four colour reduction lino print, where the lino block is destroyed during the carving process. Starting with the lightest colour, the brown in this case, areas are cut away from the carving material to create the lightest base layer, then a run of prints is taken. The next layer has more cut out from the material, and more prints are taken and so on, and until the final black layer is cut and printed. I videoed the entire process, which you can view here:

This lino print has also been featured in Living North magazine:

I would estimate that about 80 hours of work has gone into making these prints.

There will only ever be 20 original prints of this carving in existence. This is edition number 9.

The actual print is 123mm x 164mm in size. You will receive the lino print in a mat surround, which is suitable for a 10″ x 8″ frame.

You are buying this lino print directly from the artist – thank you for your support!