Peace, Love, Hope & Protection Colouring and Mail Art Book


The Peace, Love, Hope and Protection colouring book is a slightly different take on the traditional colouring book.

The book contains 12 different designs based on symbols representing peace, love, hope and protection. The 12 symbols in the book are Hamsa, Ankh, Om, Peace, Pentagram, Yin Yang, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Eye of Horus, Triskelion, Labyrinth and the Helm of Awe.

Each symbol has a colouring page, a full colour pull out of the illustration, and a colour-your-own stationery set. The stationery set is made up of 1 envelope and 1 letter writing page. In all there are 36 pages to colour as well as 12 full colour illustrations that can be framed, or maybe even used in journals or scrapbooks.

Every image is placed in the book without images on the reverse, making it easy to remove the pages and display your finished artwork. There are also several test pages for you to try out your art materials in the book.

Due to be released at the end of June 2021. Keep an eye on my blog or my Instagram for updates, or get early access to the book as a patron.

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