Tuesday Colour Inspiration: Telephone Box at Durham Cathedral

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Telephone box at Durham Cathedral colour inspiration swatch
Telephone box at Durham Cathedral colour inspiration swatch

Yesterday I had a meeting in Durham and afterwards took a walk around this beautiful city to take a few photographs. I always love to see the old fashioned telephone box and Penfold style post box that are next to the Palace Green at Durham Cathedral, so thought I would take a shot and see if I could get all three in. I managed it, just about, although I’m not too keen on the van also in the picture though! There is a lot of renovation work going on at Durham Catherdral at the moment, so there are inevitably a lot of vans arounds too.

If you haven’t been to Durham, then let this oft-quoted piece from Bill Bryson’s book, Notes From a Small Island, inspire you to have a visit next time you’re in north east England:

I got off at Durham, intending to poke around the cathedral for an hour or so and fell in love with it instantly in a serious way. Why, it’s wonderful – a perfect little city – and I kept thinking: ‘Why did no-one tell me about this?’ I knew, of course, that it had a fine Norman cathedral but had no idea that it was so splendid. I couldn’t believe that not once in twenty years had anyone said to me, ‘You’ve never been to Durham? Good God, man, you must go at once! Please – take my car.’ I had read countless travel pieces in Sunday papers about weekends away at York, Canterbury, Norwich, even Lincoln, but I couldn’t remember reading a single one about Durham, and when I asked friends about it, I found hardly anyone who had ever been there. So let me say it now: if you have never been to Durham, go at once. Take my car. It’s wonderful.

Bill Bryson, Notes From a Small Island

I remember when there used to be three of these old fashioned telephone boxes in a row, but unfortunately there’s just the one now.

As always, this week’s colour inspiration swatch is available for you to download and use in your Adobe programs over at Adobe Color CC. Have fun!

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