Tuesday Colour Inspiration – #inktober2017 round up

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#inktober2017 Celtic knotwork round up
#inktober2017 Celtic knotwork round up

All 31 days of Celtic knotwork drawing for #inktober 2017 are now over! I’ve put all of my drawings together into this video below – where you’ll see days 30 and 31.

And now the work starts on creating a colouring book from all of those Celtic knots! The design in this week’s colour inspiration swatch is one of the extra bonus Celtic knots that I have drawn for the book, I should have at least 40 in total, if not a few more. I’ll keep you updated on this blog as to the book’s progress.

If you would like to download this week’s colour theme to use in your Adobe artwork, then you will find the swatch over at Adobe Color CC. Have fun!

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