The Awakening – acrylic on canvas commission

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The Awakening - acrylic on canvas (c) Carrie Dennison 2016 All Rights Reserved
The Awakening – acrylic on canvas
(c) Carrie Dennison 2016 All Rights Reserved

In the summer of last year, I was approached by a lovely local gentleman to create this 1 metre square acrylic painting as a surprise Christmas present for his wife. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked, and enjoyed every minute of creating this piece for the couple. After a chat about what they wanted, I created a quarter scale sketch in watercolour to give an idea of how the commission would look, and also to help me in scaling up the sketch to the metre square canvas. We had another meeting and made a slight alteration to the design, and then it was time to get to work!

My major challenge was creating the Celtic knotwork for the star, but with the help of the scale sketch and a good old piece of string and a tape measure, it went pretty smoothly! As well as sketching out the whole of the design, I had also created a separate scale sketch of the Celtic knotwork with all of my workings out intact, so that I could scale everything up easily. I’m so glad I put that extra work in before starting on the main piece, as it was an enormous help.

The piece took over 200 hours to create in the end, and as I say, I loved every minute of it. I was sorry to see it go to its lovely new home just before Christmas, as it had been a constant companion during September to December!

At the end of every day of work on the piece I took a photo to show the progress that was being made. I have to apologise for the poor quality of the photos, but I live in a dark house and don’t have a great camera, but they do show the process. The main picture doesn’t really show this up, but there’s gold paint, glass beads, and both matt and gloss paint on the canvas to give it extra dimensions. Scroll through the pictures below to see all of the layers being created!

I’m really proud of this piece, and am so pleased it has gone to such lovely new owners! Thank you 🙂

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