Reduction lino printing workshop with Lanchester Art Group

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I was really pleased to be asked to go back to the Lanchester Monday Art Group earlier this month to teach them reduction lino printing. (You can see the first lino prints they created with me last year in this post.) This is a method of lino printing in colour, where each colour is applied on its own layer, and only the one block of lino is used. Starting with the lightest colour, areas are cut away from the lino to create the lightest base layer, then a run of prints is taken. The next layer has more cut out from the lino, and more prints are taken with a slightly darker colour and printed on top of the first layer. This process is repeated until the final darkest layer is cut and printed. In this process, the lino block is gradually destroyed. Therefore, the entire number and design of your print edition must be decided at the time of printing that first layer, as once you’ve carved in to the second layer, there’s no going back and changing your mind!

I taught my method of how to work out the different print layers, and then we got cutting and printing. This was a two week course, so the first week was spent working on separating out the different layers and then cutting and printing the first layer. The second week was spent cutting and printing layers two and three. Everyone created beautiful work, and although (almost!) everyone started off with the same reference material, you can see that each artist has treated it in their own way, creating really unique pieces of art.

It was a really fun two weeks, and everyone really enjoyed themselves! Thanks so much to Lanchester Monday Art Group for inviting me back to teach you, and I hope to see you all lino carving again soon!

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