Projects to join in with: #The100DayProject

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Celtic knotwork colouring book in progress
Celtic knotwork colouring book in progress

Starting on 3rd April, #The100DayProject comes back for it’s 5th year. I took part in 2016 (doesn’t seem like two years ago – how time flies), and back then I committed to drawing Celtic knots for 100 days. As I really need to get back into the swing of working on my Celtic knotwork colouring book, I’ve decided to commit to another 100 days of drawing Celtic knots. I’ll update my knotwork on a weekly basis here on my blog, but if you fancy following what I’m up to daily, then just pop by to my Instagram account or my #100daysofCelticknots hashtag and say hello!

I feel that this project is a really good way to study a part of your art or craft practice in depth, and joining along with thousands of others who are also committing to the project also gives some encouragement when you reach a low point in the project (which from experience I know happens). I have made a plan for my work this year, and I think that will motivate me a lot more. For my first 26 days I am going to be working on a Celtic knotwork alphabet, which I’m really looking forward to, as that has been something I’ve been meaning to work on for quite a while. Also putting an hour or so aside in my diary to work on the project each day will really help.

I hope you’ll join in, if you do, please let me know below and I’ll come and support you!

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