Projects to join in with: #the100dayproject

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That seems to have come around very quickly, the 100 day project starts again tomorrow! Come and join in with this project where you commit to practising something once a day, every day for the next 100 days. I’m going to be working on 100 days of Celtic knots again. Last year I created two Celtic alphabets and many new illustrations, all of which played a large part in me creating my Celtic Knotwork Colouring Book. I found it a great experience and it encouraged me to really pushed myself with my knotwork designs. Who knows where this year’s project could lead?

If you’re interested in having a go, then have a look at the 100 day project website, and see what other people are up to on the Instagram #the100dayproject feed. My Celtic knots will be found under the #100daysofcelticknots hashtag.

I won’t be creating a full new illustration every day, just working for half an hour or so on new designs.

If you’re taking part, please let me know in the comments below and let me know where I can find you on Instagram or Twitter so that I can follow along with your project.

Here’s a little recap of the results of last year’s project…

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