Projects to join in with: #TAE19 Twitter Art Exhibit

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For the past two years I’ve joined in with the Twitter Art Exhibit and I’ve recently signed up to join in with the next one.

The project was originally set up 10 years ago by atist David Sandum, to raise money to buy childrens’ books for a library in Norway. Since then the project has expanded each year, and raises money for charities local to the exhibition venues by selling each postcard sized piece of art that is donated by artists around the world.

This year the exhibition will be in Edinburgh and the art will be sold in aid of a local charity, ‘Art in Healthcare’. This is of especial interest to me, as I teach weekly art and craft workshops for a local social prescribing program, where I see first hand the health benefits that the participants receive of creating something with their hands each week.

For the past two years I’ve contributed a sacred geometry and spiritual theme (I spy my Yin and Yang postcard from last year on the Twitter Art Exhibit homepage!), this year I think it will be a Celtic knotwork inspired piece.

You can find out all about the Twitter Art Exhibit on their webpage, as well as more about this year’s charity Art in Healthcare. The form to sign up to send in your own art for the charity exhibition is also on the Twitter Art Exhibit website. You can also follow #TAE19 on Twitter.

I’ll keep you updated as to what I create for my postcard, and I hope you’ll join in too!

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