Projects to join in with: Mail Art Call – What do you love about where you live?

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I received a mail art call from my good friend Miss MM today, telling me about a mail art exhibition that is being organised by a good friend of hers, and will be exhibited at one of her local museums. The theme is “What do you love about where you live?” and they would love mail art from around the world to exhibit.

If you’re not familiar with the term mail art, it really is exactly as it says, sending a piece of art through the mail! In mail art’s case, the art is visible for all to see as it travels through the postal system, so it’s the actual envelope that is decorated, not an enclosure. This mail art call asks for a postcard, so collage, draw, stamp, print, whatever takes your fancy, but please do take part, as I know they would love to get lots of great postcards!

All the details are available on the Canton Museum of Art’s website.

I’ll upload my postcard once it’s ready!

Say hello!