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I’ve been joining in with a lot of online art projects recently, and have been really enjoying the challenge of creating something new to fit in with the themes. Many years ago, back in the 1990s, I used to host a lot of collaborative art projects that were all organised through the postal system, and they resulted in some fabulous artwork. Unfortunately, I’ve had several house moves since then, and those pieces of art have been lost amongst the cardboard boxes, otherwise I would have dug them out and shown them to you!

Colour Collective is hosted on Twitter (@clr_collective), and each Saturday morning, a new colour is announced that your creative piece should be based on. You have a week to work on it, and all participants should post their piece at 7.30pm UK time on the following Friday. It’s an easy-come-easy-go project, just join in when you have the time to.

I’m new to Colour Collective, only having joined in for the last three weeks, but I’m enjoying the process of creating to a certain colour brief each week, and also discovering lots of wonderful talent on Twitter each Friday evening.

Here are the pieces I’ve created so far:

Peace and Light
Peace and Light
Peace and Light was based on the bright green colour, Vert Pré in the peace symbol.

Moon Dreams
Moon Dreams
Moon Dreams was based on Pewter Blue, to be found around the moon.

Ash - Art Nouveau Cat
Ash – Art Nouveau Cat
Ash, Art Nouveau Cat, was based on Old Lace, which is in my cat Ash’s colouring.

I find it a challenge to work with the subtler colours, as anyone who knows me knows that the brighter the colour, the better! But this makes for a good weekly challenge in order to stretch myself.

As with the majority of my illustrations, all of these pieces were hand drawn in pencil first, and then scanned in and coloured in Photoshop.

This week’s colour is definitely up my street, Ruby! Come and join in with us, and if you do, comment below with the link to your illustration!

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