Project Process: Stick Woven Duffle Bag

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You may remember my video on the process of weaving a handbag on my new peg loom. I decided I could do with a little bag to hold all of the weaving sticks in, so what better way to do that than to create one using stick weaving!

I wove three strips of fabric using stick weaving, each 36cm long by 5cm wide. These strips were all sewn together to create the body of the bag. The base was woven using the peg loom, as it’s slightly easier to hold the sticks for the circle, and this was woven in six triangle sections of 6cm each to create the 36cm circumference needed. The base was then sewn on to the body, and I created a cord using a lucet. This was then threaded around the top of the bag and created a handy closure.

I put together a video showing the different steps:

This would be a lovely project for a day workshop, so if you would be interested in taking part in such a workshop, please let me know in the comments below so that I can gauge demand – thanks!

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