Lino printing with Colour Your Life

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lino printing with Colour Your Life
lino printing with Colour Your Life

Last week I began teaching a nine week course on printmaking and associated crafts as part of the fabulous Colour Your Life programme. I’m working with an already established group who usually do sewing. They are a fabulous group of ladies, and I’m having lots of fun working with them.

Last week I showed everyone the basics of lino printing, and the images above show the fabulous results that they achieved after just two hours! Didn’t they all do wonderfully?

This week we moved on to collagraphs, and everyone made their printing plates this afternoon. They are now all drying nicely on my kitchen table and we’ll print up the results next week. The plates all look amazing, so I can’t wait to see how everyone prints them up!

If you would like to learn lino printing and can’t make it to County Durham, I have a series of four lino printing videos over on YouTube that takes you through every step. Give it a go sometime and let me know how you get on!

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