It’s my book’s first birthday! Sale on now!

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A year ago I published my first book, the “Celtic Knotwork Colouring Book”. It was the result of two years of work, and I self-published it, doing all the illustrations, book layout, photography, working out how best to publish it, getting it on Amazon, promoting it, etc., etc. by myself. I’m really proud of it and am pleased that it has been so well received. Thank you to everyone who has supported me by buying a copy this past year, I really appreciate it!

To celebrate its first birthday I’ve reduced the price by a third worldwide up until the end of the year, as it makes a great gift for crafty friends! At the moment, the best deal to buy the book worldwide is from The Book Depository, where not only is it 1/3 off, but also they have free delivery worldwide. There are many other outlets to buy it from (see here) and you should also be able to order it from your local book shop too (ISBN 978-1728625225).

I’m working on book number two at the moment, I already have plenty of illustrations to go in there, but I’d like around the same amount as I had in my first book (52!), so there’s still a way to go yet!

Thanks again everyone for your support!

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