Indie Friday – tomorrow!

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Lots of my lino prints available on etsy with 15% off this month!
Lots of my lino prints available on etsy with 15% off this month!

The Just A Card campaign aims to get the word out that by buying “just a card” people really help small independent businesses. From my own experience, I have spent many days standing at my craft stall, hearing lots of lovely compliments on my work, but going home at the end of the day having made a loss, because people did not buy anything. This is the reason I have given up doing craft stalls, as although each and every compliment gives me a real boost, and makes me feel my artwork is worthwhile, unfortunately compliments cannot pay my landlord or utility bills. If people had bought “Just A Card” of the artwork that they complimented, then that part of my business would have remained viable.

Becoming self-employed made me aware of this problem, and nowadays I buy mostly from local shops and from other artists and crafters rather than use any of the big chains. A lot of what I make from my own business goes back into the local economy – that can only be for the good!

That is why this campaign is so important! If there’s an artist or crafter you like, just buying one small item from their stall (or website/etsy shop, etc.) can really help to make a difference to that artisan. Tomorrow there is a big campaign on Twitter and Instagram (and maybe Facebook, but I don’t have an account on there, so I don’t know!) using the hashtags #JACIndieFriday #justacard and #IndieFriday which will showcase hundreds, probably thousands, of talented artists and crafters who would all love some support. Check them out and you may find you can complete all of your festive gift lists πŸ˜‰

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