Giveaway! Letter writing stationery sets

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letter writing stationery sets
letter writing stationery sets

I’d love folks to try out my printable stationery sets, so I’m giving away 1 set each to 10 people to try out! Each letter writing set is a downloadable file, and once you have the file, you can print out as many envelopes and letter writing papers as you like. Try different paper weights and finishes for different effects. The stationery sets are all created from my own illustrations and lino prints.

To receive a free stationery set:

  • Take a look at the letter writing paper and envelope sets that I have available over on etsy. Choose which set you would like.
  • Subscribe to this blog (link over on the right hand side)
  • Leave me a comment below with the name of the set you would like.
  • As long as the email you’re subscribed to the blog with and the one you enter when adding a comment are the same, I’ll then email the letter writing set file to you. First come, first served!

    Then please use the letter writing set to send some happy mail out to folks! This is a pile of envelopes that I sent out using some of my writing sets earlier in the month – I hope everyone enjoyed the brightness arriving in the post!

    Lots of happy mail :)
    Lots of happy mail πŸ™‚

    I’ll close the comments once the 10 sets have been given away. Please give me up to a day to respond to you, as I’m not always online! I look forward to hearing from you!

    5 Responses

    1. Suszan
      | Reply

      Love all the sets, so colourful and bright, right up my street 😊 think my favourite has to be the paisley ’71 in blue and orange. It brings out my inner hippy ✨🌈😊 Great blog!

      • Carrie
        | Reply

        Thanks so much for entering, Suszan, and for your kind words! Your file is on its way to you now – it’s about 10Mb, so it may take a while to come through, just give me a shout if it doesn’t and I’ll sort out another way of sending it!

    2. Harshitha
      | Reply

      Hello ,They all look lovely and I would like to receive one set!I like the blue winter leaves.

      Thanks for being generous!

    3. Harshitha
      | Reply

      They all look lovely and my favourite is the with blue leaves form winter collection!

      Thanks for being generous

      • Carrie
        | Reply

        Thanks so much for entering, Harshitha! Your writing set is on its way by email to you, it’s a large file, so it might take a while! Enjoy using it!

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