Get Creative: 6-fold Triquetra Celtic colouring page

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April’s free download is the result of the first couple of days of my #100daysofcelticknots project, and is a colouring page download of this 6-fold triquetra that I have drawn over the last three days. The final hand drawn version is shown above, but the version I’ve created for you to colour comes without all the dot work, I think that may be preferable when you’re colouring in a design. You can always add the dots back in if you like that effect! I’ve added a video of the drawing process at the bottom of this post.

Feel free to tag me on Instagram or Twitter using @dendryad when you’ve coloured it in, as I’d love to see it!

Download the file from DropBox here (if you don’t have a DropBox account just click ‘no thanks’ on the pop up box and you’ll still be able to download it). Have fun!

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