Art in the Wild!

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Here’s a little round up of my art in the wild!

The first piece is a mail art piece for the short film, ‘Dear Eduardo‘. The film’s makers put out a mail art call for envelopes to be used in their film, and in the end they received over 400 envelopes, all of which appeared in the film. The mail art call came in 2016, and the film was first aired last year, and is now being shown at film festivals around the world. Keep in touch with them on their Twitter feed to see when the film is being aired next.

You can see how the envelope looked once it had made its way through the postal system over on the ‘Dear Eduardo’ blog. We were lucky enough to see a screening of the film in April at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, and I was thrilled to spot my envelope in the credits at the end! Very exciting! We spoke to the film makers at the end of the screening (they also act in the film!) and they have worked so hard to get this film out there. It’s beautifully shot and very intriguing – if you see that it is showing at a film festival near you, then go and have a look!

Last year I was invited to submit a Celtic art piece for the Glen Innes Celtic Art Exhibition that took place at the end of April and beginning of May in Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia. Glen Innes hosts an international Celtic festival each year. The piece submitted was to be auctioned off, along with pieces by other Celtic artists, to raise funds for local charities. All the pieces raised around $1000 AUS – fantastic! Here’s the piece that I donated, ‘The Jolly Dragon’. This was hand drawn, coloured in watercolour pencils, and edged in gold ink.

And finally, I donated a piece to the Twitter Art Exhibit, which I have talked about in a previous post. This year the exhibition was held in Edinburgh, and as it’s not too far away from us, we decided to go up for the opening night of the exhibition. We had a fantastic day looking around Edinburgh, and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the amazing artwork donated by 1000 artists from 65 countries. The proceeds are going to a local charity, Art in Healthcare, which, as I mentioned in my previous post, does work that is close to my heart.

Here’s the piece I donated, ‘Dragon Spiral’, up on the board at the opening night of the exhibition in Edinburgh. This piece is hand drawn, coloured with watercolour pencils, and finished off in gold ink.

‘Dragon Spiral’ is still available to buy on the ‘Art in Healthcare’ website, along with 100s of other original pieces of art from artists around the world. If you can afford to buy a piece of art in aid of this great charity, then please do! My piece is in the ‘Abstract’ section, if you would like to buy that one.

For more pictures of the exhibition, art donated, and art sold, take a look at the Twitter Art Exhibit Twitter feed – and maybe join in next year too? πŸ™‚

That’s all of my art that’s been out in the wild recently… I’ll be looking out for more projects to join in with though, and will post about them as I find them!

UPDATE – 3 June 2019

My ‘Dragon Spiral’ postcard has now been sold in aid of Art in Healthcare – thanks so much to the lovely buyer – please say hello when your card arrives!

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