6th birthday artwork sale!

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Apologies for network silence over the last couple of months, but I have been a little bit busy! I moved house at the end of June, and after living in that house for nearly 10 years, had managed to accumulate a lot of stuff that needed sorting and sending to the charity shop and ebaying and packing… you know the drill! And just 10 days after that, my lovely boyfriend and I went off to Galicia, north western Spain, to work and travel for 7 weeks! Above you will see just a selection of the absolutely gorgeous views that Galicia has to offer. Galicia is a very rural part of Spain, and for the most part not really touched by tourism. I had wanted to buy a few postcards to send to family and friends, but even those were not to be found! We had an absolutely amazing time, the people are really friendly, the food locally produced and delicious, and you can see the beautiful scenery from the pictures above. The Galicians are very proud of their Galician language and Celtic heritage, and we managed to pick up a few bits of Galician vocabulary, mainly for items of food!

We arrived back at the beginning of the week, and are just now starting to get ourselves back together and into the swing of things again. Although I won’t be starting back at work until 11th September, I did want to mark the occasion of the 6th birthday of my business with a bit of a bang, and so have decided to put on a very big sale for the month of September! A 6% discount is a bit measley, so I’ve decided on a whopping 6×6 discount instead! So all the lino prints on my website, as well as my original illustrations, have 36% off for the month of September, as do all of the letter writing stationery sets on my etsy site!

My lino prints can be found here, my original illustrations here, and my writing sets can be found here. If you click on the links in this blog post, the discounts will be applied automatically! There’s also free p&p within the UK on the lino prints and illustrations too (sorry, not available for overseas customers), and as the letter writing stationery sets are downloadable, there’s no shipping charges for those anyway! Stock up on some gifts for your friends and family (or yourself!) – there are some amazing bargains to be had! Please feel free to spread the word about the sale too, thanks! πŸ™‚

I have plenty of photos to use as Tuesday colour inspiration swatches from our holidays, so those will be starting back again next week.

Enjoy the sale, and catch up soon!

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