Graphic Design and Illustration work

All design and illustration work is charged at £20 per hour, with a minimum one hour charge.
During the design stage, all draft and preview artwork will contain a proof watermark.
Once your designs have been proofed and finalised, my terms are payment before receiving the final version, without the watermark. Payment is required upon receipt of my invoice.
Once you have paid for the designs, the copyright belongs entirely to you.
If you are unable to supply your own images for leaflets, brochures, etc., then the cost of acquiring stock images will be added to your bill. You must own the copyright or a valid licensing agreement to all images that you supply. Press for Design will not accept any responsibility if the images you supply are not under your own copyright or a valid licensing agreement.

Lead Times

Please book your design time 14 days in advance of your deadline date.
All materials for your project must be with me at the time of your booking (14 days in advance of your deadline date).

Workshops and Demonstrations

All workshops and demonstrations are charged at a flat rate of £25 per hour, plus materials and mileage. This cost you may divide between your workshop participants and add your own margin for your venue. When we discuss your workshop, you will be quoted a full amount which includes the workshop hours, materials and mileage, and which will be payable upon booking your required date. The minimum lead time for booking and payment of your workshop or demonstration is 45 days in advance of the workshop or demonstration in order to prepare your workshop/demonstration and acquire the materials.

Administration charges

Any demands on my time from non-clients will be charged an administration fee of £30 for each request, payable in advance.

Contact Hours

My contact hours are 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Emails and phone calls will only be answered during these hours. Please bear in mind that I am often out of the studio teaching, and am not contactable whilst out of the studio.