Graphiti - Creative Moments for You
Graphiti – Creative Moments for You
Grown ups can have fun too! In this world of endless emails, schedules and constant demands, it’s easy to lose touch with our creative heart. So take a digital detox and discover your inner child! Immerse yourself in these fun creative moments and see life a little differently. Go on, give yourself permission to draw, crayon, doodle and write just for the fun of it. Ideal for: • Creative down time, whatever your age • At home or on the go • To stimulate new creative ideas, for writing, drawing, business • A unique gift A book full of ideas for creative writing, journalling and doodling. Created by myself, Carrie Dennison, and Rachel Cochrane. Available at: Amazon UK Amazon USA Book Depository - free worldwide postage! Barnes and Noble Amazon France Amazon Germany Amazon Spain Lulu - Spiral Bound Version Reviews at: blog
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