If you would like to hire me for illustration, graphic design work, commissions, art workshops or art demonstrations you can call me on 0191 645 9500, fill out the form below, or contact me on LinkedIn or Fiverr.

Please read my terms and conditions first and make sure they are acceptable to you.

My contact hours are 10am to 5pm on weekdays.  I will reply to emails and phone calls during these contact hours.

If you call and I’m not able to answer, please do leave a message with your name, company and phone number so that I can get back to you!

Please bear in mind that during these contact hours I’m often out of the studio teaching workshops or demonstrating art, and I am not able to check emails or phone messages then.

I will get back to you the next time I’m in the studio, which could be up to 2 working days from your email.

Thanks for your patience!