Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Roman Walls of Lugo

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Roman Walls of Lugo colour inspiration swatch
Roman Walls of Lugo colour inspiration swatch

The Roman city of Lugo is a major city in Galicia. The Roman wall is a magnificent part of the city, and Lugo is the only city in the world to have an intact Roman wall that surrounds the entire city. You are able to walk all around the whole city using the walls, and the circumference is just over two kilometers. There are entrances to the wall at regular intervals, so it’s a great way of getting around the city. You can read more about the walls on their Wikipedia page, and you can read more about Lugo’s history on its Wikipedia page.

We are so used to seeing the Roman remains along Hadrian’s Wall, which is on our doorstep, but to see these magnificent walls was a real revelation! Lugo also has quite a few great museums dedicated to its Roman history, which are well worth visiting.

One of the main things that struck us about Galicia, was that all the town centres we visited, including Lugo, had managed to keep the big corporate companies at bay. Although they had managed to make it to the out of town shopping areas (which we never visited!), we never saw a single international fast food chain or coffee shop (you know the culprits I mean!) in any town or city centre. Every shop, cafe and restaurant was an independent business, and most shops specialised in their own areas of expertise. So, if you’re as old as I am and remember what towns used to look like in the 70s, with the grocers, bakers, butchers, etc., all in the high street, that was just as Galicia is still. So, walking around Lugo city centre itself was a joy, as it was full of lively independent businesses who brought life to the city centre. Just what we need here, I would say!

As ever, this week’s colour swatch is available for download over at Adobe Color CC for you to use in your Adobe programmes. Have fun!

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