Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Peace and Love Heart

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Peace and Love Heart colour inspiration swatch
Peace and Love Heart colour inspiration swatch

This week’s colour inspiration swatch is made from my response to last Friday’s Colour Collective challenge. I was really happy to see a bright colour for the challenge, as this kind of jewel colour palette is definitely my preferred choice! The illustration was created from my hand drawn peace and love heart, which I then digitally coloured, made 3D, and then created a digital word background for it. I am really enjoying the current challenges that I’m taking part in, as they are really letting me enjoy myself and play with my illustration.

This week’s Colour Collective challenge is also nice and jewel-like, maybe you would like to join in too? I’ll pop the link to the tweet at the end of this blog.

Yesterday I finally found out that my blog has been set to ask people to log into WordPress before commenting, which I think has been preventing you from adding a comment. So I have rectified that, and now it should be pretty straightforward for you to add a comment if you would like to do so.

As always, this week’s colour inspiration swatch is available for you to download and use in your Adobe programs over at Adobe Color CC. And here’s this week’s Colour Collective challenge – come and join in!

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