Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Castro de Baroña

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Castro de Baroña colour inspiration swatch
Castro de Baroña colour inspiration swatch

This week’s colour inspiration swatch is of the Castro de Baroña, an ancient fort that has been inhabited since the 1st century BC on the north west coast of Galicia. There is plenty of information about it on its Wikipedia page, if you would like to read up on its history.

We had a great time exploring the enclosures and climbing up to the top of the rocks. It was a really hot day, so after we had all had a picnic nearby (my parents were with us too for this day out), Tony and I went swimming in that lovely Atlantic ocean that you see there – a bit chilly – but it counteracted the heat!

This video shows just how wild this outpost must have been, turn the sound down before you play it, as the wind is pretty noisy!

Earlier that day we had been to the Romería Vikinga at Catoira, where the locals have a yearly festival re-enacting the arrival of the Vikings in Galicia. It was a fun occasion, with plenty of people dressed up for the occasion, lots of food, and lots of noise! The following video shows one of the Viking boats landing, what I like most about it is it also shows the various other boats that turn up at Catoira and try and join in the fun! This was taken from a precarious position on the edge of a viaduct, with cars going past behind me – again it’s a bit windy up there, so a noisy video!

And in keeping with just about everything we found in Galicia, both of these attractions were free to visit, no gift shops or merchandise around to squeeze an extra euro out of anyone, just culture and enjoyment for the fun of it. Wish there were more places and events like that here!

As always, this week’s colour swatch is available for you over at Adobe Color CC, for you to download and use in your own Adobe artwork. Have fun!

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