New lino print for Beamish Christmas Evenings

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I’m back at Beamish Museum for their ever popular Christmas Evenings, showing visitors how to print up a festive lino print, which they can take home with them and have as a small souvenir of the evening. I like to create a new lino print for the event each year, and this year’s design is based on a design from a Christmas postcard from 1910. The original postcard was portrait, had two different robins and also depicted a snowy village scene. Really I was the most interested in the typography, as that really speaks of the era in which I am working in at the museum, so I used that and then added my own robin drawing to the holly.

Here’s a look around my ‘office’ for the Christmas evenings! This was taken about quarter of an hour before the doors opened! I usually have about 300 people printing up a lino print each evening, so I’m always kept nice and busy! Apologies for the bad focusing, my phone camera doesn’t work too well in low light.

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I’ll be there again this Thursday and Friday evening as well as Thursday and Friday evening next week. Come and find me in the school in the Pit Village if you have a ticket for the event and would like to make up a lino print!

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