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#the100dayproject – half way through!
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Yesterday was the half way mark of #the100dayproject – the time between finishing my Celtic knotwork alphabet and the half way mark just seems to have flown by, although that was over 3 weeks ago now! In the 3 weeks … Read More

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – birthday rose
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I had so many floral photographs to choose from for this week’s colour inspiration swatch, as I was lucky enough to receive two bouquets for my birthday last week, one from my lovely boyfriend and one from my parents. They … Read More

Lino printing workshop with Lanchester Art Group
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I was really pleased to be asked to conduct an introduction to lino printing class at Lanchester Monday Art Group last week. There were 20 people in the class and I took everyone through the basics of lino cutting and … Read More

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Cherry Blossom
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At long last, spring has arrived up on our hill in County Durham, and the blossom on our cherry tree is looking beautiful against the blue sky. It really has been a long time in coming this year! As always, … Read More

#the100dayproject – first goal finished!
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Yesterday I finished the first part of my goals for my #100daysofcelticknots project, completing the Half Uncial Hand alphabet with added Celtic knotwork detail in each letter. I’m really pleased that I’ve pushed myself to get this done, as completing … Read More

Project Process: Stick woven pouch
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I’ve been busy stick weaving again, and this time I wanted to create a pouch to hold all of my weaving sticks in. The weaving sticks are 22cm long, hence the long, thin design of the pouch. I’ve created a … Read More

#The100DayProject – two weeks in
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I’m two weeks in to my #100DayProject of 100 days of Celtic knots. The Celtic knotwork alphabet that I’m working on for the first 26 days is coming along really well, and not only have a been creating a black … Read More

Tuesday Colour Inspiration: hand spun yarn
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I’m currently taking two weeks holiday and am thoroughly enjoying spending time on some crafts that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to indulge myself in. Hand spinning is one of those crafts! I have a whole stash of hand … Read More

Projects to join in with: #The100DayProject
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Starting on 3rd April, #The100DayProject comes back for it’s 5th year. I took part in 2016 (doesn’t seem like two years ago – how time flies), and back then I committed to drawing Celtic knots for 100 days. As I … Read More