Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Fossils

Tuesday Colour Inspiration - Fossils
Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Fossils

This weekend we went fossil hunting at Seaton Sluice and had a great time discovering plant life imprints. This week’s colour inspiration swatch shows one of the best finds we made. These plants fell into the mud around 300 million years ago. If only there was such a thing as time travel, I would love to have had a glimpse of what the area looked like then.

I’m enjoying the colour inspiration swatch experimentation as it allows me to focus on colours other than my usual bright colour palette. This palette is definitely out of my comfort zone! I hope you are enjoying the different palettes too.

As usual, you can download the Adobe Swatch Exchange file to use this palette in your own projects.

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn - Tuesday Colour Inspiration Swatch
Before the Dawn – Tuesday Colour Inspiration Swatch

The title of this post might be a bit misleading, as this week’s photo is not of the moments before sunrise. Instead this week’s colour inspiration swatch is taken from the most exciting piece of post I’ve had in a while – four tickets to see Kate Bush in concert! The show is called “Before the Dawn” and I really can’t wait. Kate Bush has been one of my musical heroes since I was very young, and to have the opportunity to see her live is just incredible! Just a few weeks to go…

The swatch is quite dark and moody, it fits in with the stormy weather we have been having here recently. Feel free to
download the colour inspiration swatch and use it in your own artwork :)

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Pot of Geraniums

Pot of Geraniums Colour Inspiration Swatch
Pot of Geraniums Colour Inspiration Swatch

We have been blessed with some beautiful days this summer. Which means restful weekends spent with wonderful people, sitting outside in gardens and enjoying nature. This pot of geraniums is a lovely feature in one of those gardens, and I just love the colours, mixed in with the outdoor lamps. Let’s hope for continued good weather over the coming month!

As ever, the Adobe Swatch Exchange file is available to download here for free, and feel free to use it in your own artwork.


Tuesday Colour Inspiration – The Illustrator’s Hand

Tuesday Colour Inspiration Swatch - The Illustrator's Hand
Tuesday Colour Inspiration Swatch – The Illustrator’s Hand

If you saw my doodling post last week, then this is what happened when I started adding watercolour to the sketch – colourful hands! I was using the Caran D’Ache Neocolor II Water Colour Crayons, which I love, but because I hold them in my hand and brush the paint directly off the crayon, I tend to get very colourful palms when I work with them. The Staedtler Triplus Fineliners that I used to draw the sketch didn’t bleed too badly – the red and black were the worst out of all the colours I used, but even so, they didn’t bleed too much. I would suggest if you’re going to use them with watercolour to test out each pen colour you are using before getting stuck in, just to see how they work.

I’ve finished the illustration in the meantime and have popped it up on my Society6 page, where you can buy it in so many different formats it is quite bewildering. Duvet cover or shower curtain, anyone?!

Sun and Moon Mosaic
Sun and Moon Mosaic

As always, you can download the Adobe Swatch Exchange file for this week’s colour inspiration swatch here, and feel free to use it in your own artwork.


Tynemouth Classic VW Rally

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Those of you who know me personally know that I love VW vehicles. My first car was a Mk 3 Golf – oh, wish I still had him! – and one day, honestly, one day, I *will* have a VW bus. I have drawn a few stylised VW buses and after our trip out to Tynemouth to see the Tynemouth Classic VW Rally yesterday, there may well be a few stylised bugs added to that list too. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the different VWs on display, admiring all the love and work that has gone into looking after these wonderful vehicles, and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. It was such a gorgeous day that after visiting the show we decided to have a walk along Longsands beach, plodging in the sea. A blissful way to cool off and revitalise aching feet. Afterwards we sat down to watch the rally drive out with plenty of buses and bugs driving along the prom. It was all topped off with a good view of the Red Arrows air display team, who were wowing the crowds further down the coast at the Sunderland Air Show. I found a video on YouTube of the display we saw yesterday – it was amazing from a couple of miles away – much, much better close up!

Here are a few pictures of the day, and keep an eye out for new VeeDub based artwork soon ;)

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Letter to Australia

Letter to Australia - colour inspiration swatch
Letter to Australia – colour inspiration swatch

I’ve never really been a big fan of Facebook, I only joined two years ago in order to set up a business page. I have been growing more disillusioned with the site recently, and after the recent revelations, I decided to delete my account completely last week. It feels good! I haven’t missed it one bit. And instead of writing an electronic missive to a friend in Australia, I took up pen and paper, and wrote her a proper letter instead. I wrote about the things I’d been up to recently, thoughts and feelings, a few thoughts on the way the world is going. And of course I asked questions, in the hope of a handwritten reply to hear more about her deeper thoughts. It was a piece of meditation. In my teenage years I had about twenty penpals from all around the world, and learnt so much about their lives and cultures. I’m going to bring letter writing back into my life again – I’d forgotten how much I’d enjoyed it.

As ever, if you would like to download the Adobe Swatch Exchange file for this colour inspiration swatch, feel free to do so by clicking here.

Here’s to more handwritten letters!

more lino printing experiments at Jula Crafts

I love my monthly lino printing class at Jula Crafts! The ladies love to experiment and get inky and are always enthusiastic about playing and trying something new. This month we were initially playing with two colour prints, which everyone carved out last month. Then we all started playing with textures as part of the prints too, and there were some beautiful results. Have a peruse amongst the photos here to see what everyone came up with. You’ll also see I have some wonderful colour mixers in my class too :)

If you would like to join us for some lino printing and the chance to get inky once a month, all the details are on my workshops page. Hopefully see you at a class soon :)

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Sketchbook Calligraphy

Sketchbook Calligraphy colour inspiration swatch
Sketchbook Calligraphy colour inspiration swatch

This week’s swatch comes from an old sketchbook that I found whilst conducting my studio tidy up this week. As far as I can remember, I had the radio on and was just practising my calligraphy by writing down random words that I heard. There’s also a collage of the Muppets and a slice of vampire pizza (which you can see a shadow of) on the opposite page. Don’t you just love what you create in your sketchbooks?!

As usual, the Adobe Swatch Exchange file for these colours can be downloaded here. Have fun!

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Lady’s Well

Tuesday Colour Inspiration - Lady's Well
Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Lady’s Well

On Sunday we went for a walk in beautiful Northumberland, and visited the tranquil Lady’s Well at Holystone. It had a truly mystical air to it, enhanced by the knowledge that this natural spring had quenched many a person’s thirst over hundreds of years. Go and visit if you get the chance, it’s the perfect place to meditate for a while and forget the busy outside world.

You can download the Adobe Exchange Colour swatch to use in your own artwork by clicking here.

Studio Sale now on!

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Studio Sale!

It’s summer, I feel like a bit of a clear out, so I’ve just started a studio sale! Lots of my original lino prints are on offer at great prices – plus a few craft items from my studio too.

The sale will be on until 20 July 2014 or until stocks last.

Happy browsing!

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Just Cluckin’

Just Cluckin' colour inspiration swatch
Just Cluckin’

This week’s colour inspiration swatch comes from a pleasant evening walk around Saltwell Park in Gateshead last Thursday. This chicken and dove seemed to be enjoying a conversation through the bars. Either that or they were plotting the chicken’s escape.

If you would like to download the Adobe Exchange Swatch to use in your artwork, then feel free –
download it here.

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park colour inspiration swatch
Picnic in the Park colour inspiration swatch

This week’s colour inspiration swatch comes from a photo I took on Saturday, when I attended the Knit in Public event hosted by Woolaballoo in Hexham. About 20 ladies met up in the Sele park in Hexham to knit and chat and have a picnic. It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon with great company. I am drawn to bright colours (as you may have gathered from my illustrated artwork *grin*), so this picture just had to be the one from the past week that I made up into a swatch.

If you would like to download the Adobe Swatch Exchange file to use in your own artwork, then feel free to do so here: Press for Design Picnic in the Park Colour Inspiration Swatch

Have fun!

more lino printing at Jula Crafts

The six week course of lino printing at Jula Crafts in Consett finished in May, and as I was asked to continue teaching lino printing, we decided to have one class a month to continue with learning. This is a drop in class, so if you’re in the area and are free on the first Wednesday of each month between 10am and midday, you would be very welcome to join in. Beginners are very welcome! More details are on my workshops page.

We spent one week creating three different lino printing plates, one with not too much detail on, one with more detail that was abstract, and a final plate that could be used as a print on its own. Each student first printed up their three plates in three different colours, and then, as I’d given everyone the same sized lino, the fun could begin as everyone swapped their plates around to mix and match. This created lots of great results and everyone had fun experimenting.

In another session we had a big “play session” – anything went, the session was all about experimenting and playing. I brought along some cotton bags to print on, as well as bubble wrap, leaves from the garden, and of course plenty of ink.

getting inky!
getting inky!
getting even more inky!
getting even more inky!

I love teaching this class – looking forward to our next meeting in July :)

Tuesday Colour Inspiration – Red Rose

Hello all!

I finally got myself a smart phone a couple of months ago, and ended up joining Instagram the other week (come and find me at instagram.com/pressfordesign). Wanting to do something a little extra with all these photographs I’m taking, starting from today I’m going to be uploading a weekly colour inspiration swatch using a photo I’ve taken during the previous week.

Today’s colour inspiration swatch comes from the first rose to appear in my garden – a red one of course, to signify my home county ;)

If you use Adobe then I’ve created an Adobe Swatch Exchange file for you to download and use. If you use the swatch to inspire some artwork, please let me know, I’d love to see it :)

Red rose colour inspiration swatch by Press for Design
Red rose colour inspiration swatch by Press for Design

Lino printing class at Beamish Museum


I had another great day teaching lino printing at Beamish Museum yesterday, as part of their Traditional Experiences programme, in this beautiful setting! There were 8 lovely ladies on the course, all beginners, and they all produced the most amazing work.

We started off the day with learning how to use the lino carving tools, and working on a few practice pieces. Once everyone was feeling confident with the tools and were happy with their work, we moved on to working on an A6 piece. I had brought along some scenes from Beamish Museum to work on, but everyone was welcome to work on their own designs if they wanted to. Elaine even decided to work on a print of a section of the wallpaper in our room :)

I demonstrated some different ways to print the finished carvings and encouraged everyone to play, experiment and get inky, and here are the fabulous results. Click on a picture for a better view.

Such amazing work, I’m so proud of my students! Thank you everyone for making it such a lovely day, and I hope you enjoy carving and printing in the future :)

Celtic Hounds lino cut

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Next up for Print Day in May is a collaboration lino cut between myself and celtic knotwork artist Anthony Richardson. He designed the beautiful celtic knotwork, and I did the carving and now today, the printing.

First up here’s the carving in progress. I carved this up a couple of weeks ago, but apart from a test print, hadn’t had chance to print it up properly until today.
celtic dogs
celtic dogs
celtic dogs

The first step was to mix up a background colour of a blue/green gradient.
celtic dogs

Next I turned the celtic dog carving block over and inked up the back with the gradient colour…
celtic dogs

…and printed it up.
celtic dogs

Once I’d printed up 5 backgrounds, I added black to my ink tray and inked up the celtic dog design.
celtic dogs

And printed!
celtic dogs

A print run of five is now drying :)
celtic dogs

That’s it from me today, I hope to get around all the other printmakers over the next couple of days and say hello :) Have fun printing!

Edited to add: the finished piece can now be bought in my shop :-)

Beamish tile multi-colour print

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First up for Print Day in May is my Beamish art nouveau tile lino print, which I’ve decided to print up with a couple of background colours.

First up is a light yellow colour, which is printed on a background lino print of swirls.
beamish tile

In order to keep a harmonious tone throughout, I added a dab of red to the yellow already in my inking tray, I printed up the next layer with an abstract background of circles and lines.
beamish tile

I let the ink in the tray dry out a bit, and then added plenty of blue in order to get the final layer of colour.
beamish tile

Yep, I’m pretty pleased with that!
beamish tile

I did a print run of 6…
beamish tile

On to the next print!

Getting inky!

Such a creative morning at Jula Crafts this morning!  I’m currently teaching a 6 week lino printing class at Jula Crafts, and we’re into week three already.  This week everyone had finished carving up their first A6 sized lino block, and were now ready to print – we got nice and inky!

Getting nice and inky!
Getting nice and inky!

I demonstrated a few different methods of inking up the carving blocks, and then let everyone play – and they came up with such amazing prints. I’m so proud of everyone!

Next week we’re going to use multiple lino blocks to create mix and match prints – watch this space…

Jula Crafts lino printing workshop – week 1

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I had a great morning today teaching the first week of my 6 week lino printing course at Jula Crafts in Consett. It was a really fun group of ladies who all produced some beautiful work. In these first two hours I introduced everyone to the tools and materials, tips on how to best use the carving tools, carving along lines, freehand carving, and creating backgrounds. This week we just used ordinary erasers to carve into, next week we’ll be moving onto the vinyl lino.

Here are some photos of what everyone carved this week on the erasers – didn’t they all do brilliantly?

Tune in next week for the results of working on A6 sized pieces and getting inky with blockprinting inks and brayers!

Milecastle 37 lino print

Milecastle 37 lino cut
Milecastle 37 lino cut

My latest limited edition lino cut, Milecastle 37, is now finished.  This particular lino cut has been a long time in the making, starting as it did in December 2012 after I took my initial reference photographs whilst walking along Hadrian’s Wall with my good friend, Davie.  I know I do tend to take a long time over my limited edition lino cuts, but I think this may be the longest so far! Milecastle 37 is situated on Hadrian’s Wall, just to the west of Housesteads Roman Fort.

I photographed the various stages of development:

Initial pencil sketch.
Using a wide U-blade to create the stone texture.
Detail stage finished.
First print proof.
Creating the sky texture.
First full proof.
Addition of grass texture.
Addition of ground texture.
The various stages, working up to the end print.
The final version.

I’m pleased with how it turned out. At first I wasn’t sure whether or not to add the grass and ground texture, and the first full proof stage is when the lino cut hung around on my work desk for a while, whilst I tried to decide which way to go. In the end, the texture won over. I also enjoyed creating the stone texture with the wide U-blade, I used random cuts at a very shallow angle to create them, and am pleased with the texture this method created. That was an experiment, and I’ll be using that technique again.

The lino print is available in my e-shop, or if you’re in the local area, pop along to Tynemouth Market on the first Sunday of each month, where you’ll find my stall.

And for my next limited edition lino cut… I have plans for an architecture based one – stay tuned!

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